Tired Trumps Everything




Yesterday afternoon Lizi began complaining of intense abdominal pain; she was throwing up and had diarrhea, too. I immediately called the doctor but couldn’t get her in until 1 pm today.

By the time I got off the phone, she was much worse. I had a flashback to (mumble) years ago when I was sixteen and had appendicitis and needed an emergency appendectomy.

Right away I knew she needed to get straight to the ER.

After a four hour wait, (thank you for your blessed inefficiency Beaumont Hospitals) she was finally seen. They did bloodwork, a COVID test, and finally a CT scan.

The nurses were unkind and lacking empathy, which was both sad and frustrating. One came in and said, “OOOOH I’m so surprised. Appendicitis doesn’t usually present this way.”

Well when I had it, nurse Jessica, it presented in EXACTLY the same way, so…. maybe you should have listened when I said that to you four hours ago!

After a night in the hospital with dilaudid, zofran, and antibiotics as her only nutritional supplements, they finally got an operating room open and did surgery at 6 pm—25 hours after she arrived!

Amid this drama and phone calls to the case manager, nurse manager, etc, Evan had his last day of school—I left the hospital to drop him off and pick him up for the half day while Lizi’s dad stayed with her.

After Evan’s celebratory last day of school milkshake, we stopped at Target for a quick pickup of the Little E essentials—diapers, wipes, sippy cup, vanilla almond milk, goldfish—you know, just the essentials. Then we headed home to get the house “Little E proof”.

I’m the middle of all of this, we got the great news that Trace was being released a day early. So I snuck in a “quick” trip to Rochester to bring her home.

Loads of rejoicing here!

After getting her home and settled, Uncle Ev and I had to go get Little E from his caregiver, and then let Lizi’s dog out, feed her, and give her some love.

After we were back home for a short while when we had to go and get all the new medication prescriptions filled. We also needed to pickup a pizza for dinner.

So I loaded up “the boys” and off we went to run those errands.

When we finally got back home, a little JJ Heller I Dream of You Playlist and Little E was O—U—T.

Trace took her night meds and settled into bed for her first night home while Ev and Little E and I camped out in the living room.

Sooo exciting! (Not so much for my back, but my spirit is willing.)

So today’s poem is simply a reflection of my day.

325 miles in less than 36 hours.


Bone weary
Ten times teary
Loud talking leery
Drained and dreary
Good deed bleary
Caregiver cheery

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