NaPoWriMo 2021 Day 19


Today’s challenge was to write a humorous rant. In this poem, I had permission to excoriate to my heart’s content all the things that get on my nerves.

Well, I’m not big on excoriation, but I did think of a “Top Ten” list of pet peeves. Maybe you share some.

What are your pet peeves?

My List

after the hairdresser,
buzzing in the black night,
in church conspiracies,
yellow jackets
stealing summer suppers,
tidbits trapped in my teeth,
sleet and swirling snowstorms,
before the sun rises,
toothpaste tubes
mangled in the middle,
stacked slip-slop in the sink,
and people
who pry under pretense—
are a few of my least
favorite things. 😉

—a very rough draft by Carla Jeanne Picklo Jordan

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