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She smelled of lilacs,
Baby Magic lotion,
and summer-misted air—
cool as the color
of her snow white hair.

Every summer
we looked for miracles
and found them everywhere—
seed to bud to flower,
violets blooming purple.

Write hope on your heart
meine liebchen—she whispered
as we worked side by side—
write hope over fear.
Get lost in wonder.

—by Carla Jeanne Picklo Jordan

NaPoWriMo 2016 Day Twenty-One

The prompt today was to write a poem in the voice of minor character from a fairy tale or myth. Instead of writing from the point of view of Cinderella, I could write from the point of view of the mouse who got turned into a coachman. Instead of writing from the point of view of Orpheus or Eurydice, I could write from the point of view of one of the shades in Hades who watched Eurydice leave and then come back.

I chose to write from the perspective of a star at creation…

a star is born

in the beginning lived only chaos, tumbling
over and through the great void of darkness falling
toward divine disorder. a call rang out awakening
the light; a call of hope and grace slowly sliding-
each into her place. sky beings gathered;
dust bunnies, hushed in anticipation, beginning
the great dance of joy. i saw the first spark glowing,
a tiny ember of ordered cosmos swirling
headlong to defeat the chaos.

what could I do but join in the dance of the sky gods?
boldly i twirled toward chaos, anarchy scattering.

i wondered at the great mysterious changing
of the universe.
i wondered at the divine disorder coursing
headlong through night skies.
i wondered at the sky ablaze with sparks changing
embers to starlight.
i wondered at the power of this grace sculpting
cosmos from chaos.

(Illustration credit: Click here)