Day #14

National Poetry Month: Day #14

Today’s prompt was called “Twenty Questions.” The idea was to write a poem in which every sentence, except for the last one, is in the form of a question.

These prompts are a challenge, as always, but I’m game for writing if you’re game for reading. One caveat before you “like” this status. I would love it if you would also share one enigma about yourself in the comments section. It’s not mandatory, just requested. 🙂

do you know

do you know my memory recall for color and sound is total,
but sometimes I forget when I’m supposed to pick up my daughter from work?

do you know that shoes simply won’t stay on my feet
and wearing socks makes me feel claustrophobic?

do you know that I’m a morning person,
but my favorite time of the day is 3 o’clock?

do you know that I love swimming in lakes and paddling down rivers,
but I’m not so fond of the water in swimming pools?

do you know I love walking outside in the dark but hate sitting inside with the blinds open at night?

do you know that I don’t sleep well without the heavy weight of blankets over me
even when it is ninety degrees outside?

do you know I wear a summer nightgown to bed every night,
even when it is below freezing?

do you know that I love to sit under the speckled blackness of night sky and listen,
but I detest laying out under the hot sun of noontime?

do you know that I would rather listen than talk,
but when I’m nervous or anxious, I talk too much?

do you know my upper torso turns a nice golden brown under the sun while my legs stay white as snow?

do you know one of my favorite foods is mushrooms,
but I never really discovered how much I love them until after I turned forty-five?

do you know that each one of us is made of a thousand mysteries
that often conflict while they complement?

we are different,
and yet we are the same.