Day #3

National Poetry Month: Day #3

I thought I would share the poetry prompt each day. The challenge today was to write a charm – a simple rhyming poem, in the style of a recipe-slash-nursery rhyme.

a charmed life

before the eve
of the moon’s full rise,
find for yourself
two owl eyes–
eyes that see into
the realms of the soul,
eyes that discern
the part from the whole.
add to the mix chin hair
from a moose
braided into rope
for a very long noose.
sever the head
of the dandelion fair
at the base of the stem
where there grows no hair;
slip the large yellow head
right into the rope,
and close your eyes tightly
as you hope with all hope
for a life as fair as
the skin of Snow White
with the speed and excitement
of a bumblebee’s flight,
for trouble free dreams
under cobalt blue skies,
for the wishes and whispers
of a lover’s sweet sighs.
and all of these wonders
and riches untold
will be yours ever after
to have and to hold.