Stories Start Somewhere

Photo by Zbynek Burival on Unsplash

Each day, Tracy gets a little stronger, pain is not her friend. Today her goal is walking to the restroom. I know it doesn’t seem like much, but it’s that many steps closer to home.

Her nurses over night and this morning have been super pleasant and helpful. She’s had her gradual weaning off of the pain pump, and so far, she is doing well. Of course, the goal is to get her off completely, but right now, they are helping her to move with lesser pain.

We are so grateful for all the great words of encouragement. I know Trace is really feeling disappointed that she cannot move as well as she was moving before surgery. She has pain and numbness in her left leg, which is typically her good leg. This also adds to her anxiety, and anxiety can increase pain levels.

I share this so you can know the hard, bare truth of our story. I know we are not alone. Many of you have gone through similar difficult circumstances and overcome.

Any words of encouragement you can send to Trace—music that is groovy or cool, any neat videos that might be distracting, words of positivity—all of this will be much appreciated.

Thank you friends, we are grateful for each one of you.


Before I can read 
stories in the clouds
I must know my own story—
a story rolled out
slowly over time.

I must understand
how I found my place
in the universe—
how that rolling out
finished all my edges.

I must understand
how my own story gives 
weight to the words of myths 
and purpose to the memory 
of legends.

The signs are there
waiting in the clouds;
they don’t appear
by magical conjuring—
they reside in us.

Every story
begins somewhere,
so I will begin 
with the song
inside of me.

--Carla Jeanne Picklo Jordan

What difficult circumstance have you overcome?

Starry Night May Day 2021

Photo by Calwaen Liew on Unsplash

May Day is typically celebrated on this day all over the world. On this day, communities celebrate unity, togetherness, and rebirth. Friends gather and celebrate life.

This May Day had me feeling nostalgic for the beautiful community I met during two separate trips to Uganda and Kenya. Our first night there, we stayed in a hotel near the airport. As I stood out on the balcony that night, my first one under the African sky, an overwhelming sense of peace washed over my spirit.

Today, may you take a deep breathe and live into your day, enjoy those you love, and lean in to love yourself. You are enough and you are worthy to be seen, heard, and loved.


I stood beneath the sky
inky black and alive 
with molten-gold stars
and my heart leapt up
in the silence 
to greet the moon.

Let me know how you spent your May Day in the comments below. 🙂