NaPoWriMo 2016 Day Twenty Eight

The prompt for today was to write a poem that tells a story. But here’s the twist – the story should be told backwards. The first line should say what happened last, and work its way through the past until you get to the beginning.

the singer

sighing, she prayed another day to sing.
breathing out, she exhaled all of her worries;
resting, she settled into the tall grass;
buzzing, bees set about their pollen work;
grazing, the cows stopped chewing to listen;
breezing by, the butterflies danced to the tune;
lilting, her voice sang across the meadow;

NaPoWriMo 2016 Day fifteen

Today’s prompt was to write a poem that incorporates the idea of doubles. it could be words or form or ideas. or a mix of everything.

the chorus

at precisely 7:10,

the lead singer began the warm up outside the bedroom window.

at 7:12,

it sounded more like a song–
a repeat after me song.

by 7:14,

each bird found her voice
and joined in one wild cacophony.

by 7:16,

the medley rang out full tilt,
and for five minutes, we listened in silence.

at 7:22,

she leaned back and laughed,
the birds singing in her smile.