Day #22

Today’s prompt challenged me to write a poem for children. I was inspired by Ev who grew grass from seed in his preschool class and lovingly placed an earthworm he name Mr. Smarty Pants in it. We had this conversation on the way home from school.

Ev: Worms like to eat dirt, Mama. Did you know that? I don’t particularly like to eat dirt, it tastes nasty. But worms like it.

Mr. Smarty Pants

Worms like to eat dirt.
I can’t imagine why.
My tummy might hurt
if I gave that a try.

The taste must be ghastly;
I’m certain I would hate it.
But worms don’t think it’s nasty.
They like their food with grit.

So little wormy,
leave your grassy home.
I love how you are squirmy
when you leave the dirt to roam.

Come give my hand a tickle
as you crawl out from the grass.
Then I can feel you wriggle
when you eat your dirt repast.


Day #20

The challenge for today was to write a poem in the voice of a member of my family. Here’s a snippet of my life…

my little wonder

7:05 a.m.
i wonder if i have school today.
i wonder if there’s food for breakfast.
I wonder if mama knows.
I wonder if mama’s awake.
I wonder if I should wake her.
I wonder if mama would be mad if I helped myself to a banana.

I wonder if my hot wheels like water.
I wonder if the wheels still turn when they’re wet.
I wonder if mama knows.
I wonder if they like to swim.
i wonder what i could put water in to check it out.
i wonder if mama would be mad if i gave myself a bath in the hot wheels water.

i wonder where that scissors is that mama used yesterday.
i wonder if i’m going to go for a haircut this week.
i wonder if mama knows.
i wonder if it would help mama if i found her scissors.
i wonder if her scissors would cut hair.
i wonder if mama would be mad if i gave myself a haircut.

i wonder if mama’s awake.
i wonder if she’ll be so proud of me for feeding myself and giving myself a bath and finding her scissors and cutting my hair.

7:06 a.m.
i wonder if i should wake mama and ask…