NaPoWriMo 2022 Day 22 The Owl Sees


Thank you and shoutout to Richard Lee for making this beautiful photo available for free on Unsplash.

The prompt for today was in honor of today being the 22nd day of Na/GloPoWriMo 2022, and they challenged me to write a poem that used repetition. I was invited to repeat a sound, a word, a phrase, or an image, or any combination of things.

So, here you go fellow poetry loving friends. Not as repetitious as some poems I’ve written, but there is that element throughout.

Happy Weekend to you!

The Owl Sees

Where the mind ends, the owl sees—
through Ominous golden eyes
It breathes in stealth and exhales
darkness gliding through blue-black skies.
Underneath the fern unfurls,
shivers in the windy wake.

Where the mind ends, the owl sees—
with certainty of vision
and a clarity of mind;
she free falls into the darkness,
her mournful cry resounding
into the boundless cosmos.

Where the mind ends, the owl sees—
the wilderness unconstrained,
the weeping child whose wailing
seeps into the warping twilight.
Inside echos of sadness
the owl and child grieve as one.


Who Am I?


Thanks to Lorenzo Nucci @lorenzonuccipe for making this photo available freely on Unsplash 🎁

On a day when I just don’t know what to write, these are the words that come to me.

Some days I am quite certain I know the answer to the owl’s question, but other days I am no so sure.

I am always me.

True to myself.

Essentially me in every year and place.

But sometimes I hide in plain sight so no one can see the me I wish to be when I’m all alone.

Who Am I?

Today I heard an owl
Singing in the summer trees
Such a plaintive cry had he
the branches bent in the breeze
I searched the trees high and low
my heart broke to hear him sing,

Who, who am I, oh who am I?
Who, who am I, oh who am I?

I know a single moment
Cannot define my story
But this entailed glory
of bird, flight, and song for me
Whittled words on my heart’s wall
that always will bear my name—

Who, who am I, oh who am I?
Who, who am I, oh who am I?

—draft by Carla Jeanne