Day #26

National Poetry Month: Day #26

Today was a very busy day and the prompt was too complex for my available time. I decided instead to rework a poem I wrote for my dear daughter’s eighteenth birthday. I love her so.

eighteen years

my heart
roars like a lioness;
she rides the blue sky
independent spirit
rising high
in beauty and grace
she rides
she rides
a reflection of me
a piece of my souI
our bones
fit together
in the difficult places
connected by sinew
in the curves and valleys
we fit
although often
we fit through
a hard scraping
of bow
against taut string
a powerful symphony
or unrelieved cacophony
but even the dissonance
the discordant sounds
of souls too thick with
love to disengage
I really should have known.
she captured
my heart
the moment her heart
began to beat
in sync with mine.