NaPoWriMo Day 10

Photo Credit: Isaac Ibbott

I went against the grain today. The prompt was outside the realm of my time frame , so I simply wrote a poem without a prompt. Imagine that!

To keep writing is the key this month, so I am doing my part for poetry and my soul.

Thanks for hanging with me and reading my offerings as I move along through this journey.

Opus 10

strong hands calloused
not from plow or rake
(raking bow and string
with rhythmic pluck)

clear blue eyes
glinting with a twinkle
(guiding stars full
of the joy of life)

muscled arms
not from foraging forays
(plundering silence
by bold baton)

the lump in my throat unhinges
as I eye the shimmering
of his sky moving like a river
through my children.

never touching
the same water twice,
the moments fit into my soul
(hand and eyes and arm),

dry stacked stone
snug and strong.

—Carla Jeanne

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