NaPoWriMo 2023 Day 2

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Today’s prompt asked me to begin by picking 5-10 words from a list. Next, I was to write out a question for each word that I selected.

Then, for each question, I had to write a one-line answer— some kind of an image, without worrying about strict logic. The answers were meant to be surrealist.

After I wrote it all out, I had to place all the answers, without questions on a new page. Then I had to dee if I could make a poem of just the answers.

I have to say that my poem became its own dark entity without my knowledge or permission. It’s funny how this month of concentrated poetry writing tends to bring things out. It’s like being in a month long juice cleanse.

So on to day two…you can check it out below.

Salt, Seaweed, Thunder

Evil is in his hands,
Pushing her down
While her head
Strains to rise

The seaweed
A vessel holding
The dried drunkenness
Of his desperation

A place of silent tears
Waits in the wings
With disembodied hands
For no one to hear

A thousand empty strollers
Laugh as they roll
The thunder of rage
Setting the pace.

Yesterday’s folly
A pernicious pillow
Holding her head
Hoping to hush.


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