Turning A Quadrille

Photo credit: Thanks to Liam Edwards for taking this photo.

A Quadrille is simply a poem of 44 words (excluding the title), and it can take any form. Today’s challenge was to use the word “people” in a quadrille. Sometimes I’m just “over” people; I can write it off to my introvertedness to a point, then I just have to say, “Enough is enough!”

Thanks to fellow poet Joel Mitchell who turned me on to author Richard Powers and his book, “The Overstory”. I took inspiration from the first sentence: “Let me sing to you now, about how people turn into other things.” I also merged this quadrille form with the one sentence form creating one long sentence of 44 words.


Let me sing to you now,
about how people
turn into other things—
they leave behind
the steeple and decorum,
cruising out into the world
with snarling lip—
denying justice to those
who desperately need it
and seeking accolades
where they don’t deserve it.

-A Draft poem by Carla Jeanne Picklo Jordan

Sometimes enough is just enough.

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