The Beginning

This was our first berry, and we were delighted. Until something ate it in the night. 🙁

So we are taking about the garden beds today. I know we probably should have thought of that before the first of May, but Michigan weather is so …. Michigan-like.

Not knowing much about bed gardening, we built them last year inside of a small 10’ x 20’ kennel we used for the dogs when they were puppies. Well, no one told the squirrels and the birds that a fenced in area means “KEEP OUT”. Too late to save the strawberry patch, we discovered bird netting and covered the top of our enclosure.

This year, we want to be proactive, so each bed is getting individual bird netting to protect our harvest.

I know, I know. I’m forgetting a Core Principle of Kindergarten: Share everything.

I don’t care. I’m not feeding the squirrels and birds. They both attack our feeders with gusto. I say they need to stop being so greedy.

Save some for the humans!

I cannot wait for the tiny green plants to start to grow. And better yet is the day when the buds of fruit appear. All tightly curled in to itself, the bloom is very self-contained. But at some point, the plant decides that it the risk of opening up is worth it—the plant must bloom to grow a seed pod and perpetuate after all.

And I have decided to be more like that bloom. Remaining tightly closed up is more painful than the risk of blooming.

I choose life.

I choose legacy.

And with that decision, this blog is truly born. I am not sure how often I will post, but I am determined to write more this year.

I sense the unfolding of a bloom.

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