Starry Night May Day 2021

Photo by Calwaen Liew on Unsplash

May Day is typically celebrated on this day all over the world. On this day, communities celebrate unity, togetherness, and rebirth. Friends gather and celebrate life.

This May Day had me feeling nostalgic for the beautiful community I met during two separate trips to Uganda and Kenya. Our first night there, we stayed in a hotel near the airport. As I stood out on the balcony that night, my first one under the African sky, an overwhelming sense of peace washed over my spirit.

Today, may you take a deep breathe and live into your day, enjoy those you love, and lean in to love yourself. You are enough and you are worthy to be seen, heard, and loved.


I stood beneath the sky
inky black and alive 
with molten-gold stars
and my heart leapt up
in the silence 
to greet the moon.

Let me know how you spent your May Day in the comments below. 🙂

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