NaPoWriMo 2021 Day 23

Today’s prompt encouraged me to read another poet’s work and glean an idea or image.

The challenge was to write a poem that responds, in some way, to the other poem.

I used, “In That Other Fantasy Where We Live Forever,” by Wanda Coleman and used her phrase “we rebelled against the southwestern wind”. It’s definitely a work in progress.

The Wind 

We rebelled against the southwestern wind, the cold northern front, and Santa Claus;

he was NOT the reason for the season, after all.

Somehow we believed our lives were better as we drank in dogma between sips of sherbet punch at the potluck.

We were rebels with a cause, after all.

We were on the journey with Jesus and the Gospel coalition, traveling together, celebrating dedications (instead of baptisms), ordinances (instead of sacraments), and knowing that our way was The Way to life everlasting: Sola gratia, Sola fide, and Sola scriptura.

O sole mio! We were enlightened with the truth after all.

We wore one piece bathing suits as a sign of purity and culottes down to our knees to hide any immodesty. We didn’t go to dances or play with playing cards, and under no circumstances whatsoever did we curse.

We knew such things were of the devil, after all.

Everything changed the day I actually met the southwestern wind, with the rays of the sun shining like hair from her head. I had been fearful really, of seeing things through her eyes. But we sat under the cork tree smelling the flowers and talking until the dawn joined us for coffee, and the rooster crowed.

In that moment I stopped rebelling,
and started believing in Santa Claus.

—A Draft Poem by Carla Jeanne Picklo Jordan

Every poem is a journey. Let me know in the comments below if you enjoyed mine.

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