NaPoWriMo 2016 Day Fourteen

#NaPoWriMo 2016 Day Fourteen

Today’s prompt was the challenge to write a seven-line poem called a san san, which means “three three” in Chinese (It’s also a term of art in the game Go). The san san has some things in common with the tritina, including repetition and rhyme. In particular, the san san repeats, three times, each of three terms or images. The seven lines rhyme in the pattern a-b-c-a-b-d-c-d. I found the form and requisites for the san san demanding and difficult. I feel like I’m ready for a rest after this one….  the enslavement of stars

a wild mess of stars haphazard
dancing with reckless abandon.
immense and full and rainbow-hued,
the dancing of the stars gathered
together one reckless stand in–
a love, wild and messy and free.
dancing stars created the mood
for wild, reckless reality.

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