Day #30

National Poetry Writing Month: Day#30

Today is the last day of NaPoWriMo for this year. The challenge today was to write a poem of farewell. Seems so appropriate. I will miss these little (frustrating, hairpulling) prompts. Here is my last poem for the month. Seems appropriate for Mother’s Day, too.


life seems full—
coming and going,
ebb and flow,
welcome and release.
i roll with the flow of tide waters
rushing in where angels fear to tread
but the tide on the ebb—
slowly retracting,
moving just out of reach,
 playing almost out of sight—
leaves me with a sense of emptiness.
the water recedes
i am left
bone-dry and bare-naked.
iwillmissyou(she whispers)
when you ebb away,
but ee knew a little something
about the mystery of
you can move just out of reach,
you can play almost out of sight,
but i will never be without you:

i carry your heart
(i carry it in my heart).

ee cummings

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