Day #19

Today’s prompt was a bit silly, but fun. Apparently, there are some pretty wild names for sea shells. The challenge listed nineteen actual sea shell names and asked us to use one or more of them to write a poem. Channeling an over achiever, I used all nineteen names.

Your challenge is to find them all. 🙂

she sells sea shells

the peruvian hat of the
snout otter clam sat
squarely on her sparse dove head
like a strawberry top red
of full rising incised moon.
she ventured out past
the Lake of the Loon
to enjoy a wee chat
with shoulderblade sea cat
(shut in with a ghastly miter–poor dear).
the clam donned
her leather donax rain gear–
with the striped engina–
right over the top of her pretty
little shuttlecock volva.
she was pretty to the eye!
the snout otter clam
roasted a fat ham,
and a large atlantic turkey wing
wrapped tightly
in brown braided string.
she baked some lovely
little tricolor niso frosted
with triangular nutmeg.
the sea cat delighted
(and promptly accosted)
the feast set grandly before her.
together they sat
and enjoyed their wee chat
as they sipped the
false cup-and-saucer tea.
after the sumptuous repast,
conversation varied and vast,
drifted to the unequal
bittersweet tree
of unrequited love (thetragedy)
ever since Woody Canoebubble
(the oneandonly fulloftrouble
darling of the sweet sea cat)
gave the prized lazarus jewel box
to Tuberculate Emarginula the fox!
appalled were the two
at the scandalous news
since that girl had no style at all.
she insisted on wearing
a blue heavy bonnet
winter spring summer and fall.
as the sun slipped down behind
the meadow and the birds
returned to their nests,
the snout otter clam
wished the very very best
to her dearest sea cat friend.
and peruvian hat
perched once again
atop her sparse dove head
she set off for home
feeling very well fed
thinking only of her
feather top bed.

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A poet, a writer, an artist, a thinker, a musician and occasionally a skeptic, when I'm not teaching or traveling, I love to read and write and play the ukelele. I'm loving life with my Little Wonder--his energy and joy for life is contagious. He makes me believe and hope again. I don't want to forget these moments that pass so quickly so I have decided to write them down for posterity and for you to enjoy.

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